monika benova


41 Dalailama-tians_cn

june 2ol2, near Jiqu, Nangqen county, Qinghai

got “kidnapped” and absorbed into a retreat of 40 fully equipped  Dalailama-tians nuns from all over west China…with me count stopped at 41…wireless transmitting phone device (to report to Lamas daily), game boy, flat screen TV, Coca-cola, kitchen, raisins, caned and bottled soft drinks, sweets – lots of them and more and again…everything and more

after I witnessed fight pulled out by 4 red-shine eyed dogs over my morning ehm – excrements in the bushes where I thought to be left alone, just for the nirvana of it stuck to the nuns’ policy never leave before I collect someone to go with me

even the most “enlightened” nuns were throwing stones with intent to hit as many street dog gang members as possible…we were trapped, in little open closed space where meal was dog’s best friend and nun’s best friend was rock…

we were Dalailama-tians, with dogs as Cruellas all around, yet still (in)visible hand holding strings between men and nature held it tight and under safe control