monika benova


Quo vadis Jyekundo? stay!…_cn

june 2ol2, Yushu, Kham tibetan district, Quinghai


In morning hours of 14th April 2olo the earth shook out of hers nature will…by magnitude of  7.1  and since then chinese bulldozers keep aftershocks alive…2 years and 2 months after – but more like still…Yushu turned into dusty construction site where chinese visions are put into place in once one of the most heavily tibetan populated town…over 97%  Khampa tibetans…now there will be BIG square with a horse on it (Troyan one – how appropriate), chinese construction rage with the machine won’t stop even in front of few standing remaining buildings…as it’s NOT in the plan and won’t be, no tibetan fingerprints on it – NONE…people were promised houses within 2 years…some got them, but in small settlements of raw cheap mono housing projects, the rest sleeps in blue tent with access to pretty much nothing…

stayed with a mama and grandma of a monk I met in the dust and machine spitting powder…one of the fortunate tibetan families that got house…and not just any house! – this one already leaking, walls cardboard like – advisable not to pee against and not to try to stick finger thru just for the fun of it…

spent evenings at candlelight trying to look natural while taking turn in spinning’ giant mama’s praying wheel in clockwise direction

may ALL be happy! you too Jyekundo…you too please